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The MOARC 2017 Social and Annual Meeting was held on November 29th at Husch Blackwell Country Club Plaza office in Kansas City.   The President opened the business meeting discussing the successes of the year and opportunities for the future.   Karin Jacoby presented the membership with recommended changes in the MOARC Board.  Changes presented including an addition to the At-Large membership    were approved by the members.  Following the business meeting Colonel Doug Guttormsen, Commander of the Kansas City District, and Tracy Streeter, Director of the Kansas Water Office spoke on partnerships and water resource issues facing the State of Kansas.   Col Guttormsen spoke on the importance of the Corps of Engineers, its local sponsors, and MOARC working together in meeting the needs of the community.   Mr. Streeter spoke on water supply issues facing the State of Kansas and potential opportunities to meet future needs.  Tracy outlined the importance of the Kansas River Basin as a priority study area to meet the needs of the future along with other river systems that may have to be considered to meet future needs.   The Social and Annual meeting was well attended and speakers well received.

The mission of the Missouri and Associated Rivers Coalition (MOARC) is to promote conservation and beneficial use of land and water resources.

MOARC was created in 1952 by a group of individuals desiring better water management following a disastrous flood. Today, membership consists of organizations, associations, companies, governmental units and individuals interested in sound flood control programs and supporting conservation of land-water resources.

We inform our members of water concerns within the association's area. We call on the expertise of local and national talent to broaden our natural resource perspective. We communicate to our members and the community through our website and via distributed materials.

MOARC sends a contingent to Washington, D.C. to advocate for our area's water projects on a regular basis. Our effectiveness is reflected in the number of projects that we have supported that have been completed. The trips are a valuable learning experience for everyone involved.


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MOARC promotes the beneficial use of water and land related resources for the Missouri and associated rivers in the areas of    
Agriculture, Environment, Flood Damage Reduction, Navigation, Recreation, Shipping and Ports, Power, Water Quality and Supply.   

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