2018 Board, Officers and Committee Chairs

  Officers (At-Large Board Members) 
    Tom Poer President  
    Steve Dailey 1st Vice President  
    Karin Jacoby Treasurer  
    David Combs Secretary   
David Combs Executive Director
At-Large Board Members
    Lynda Hoffman Past President  
    Frank Pogge    
    Dan Fuhrman    
    Kevin Caveny     
Vice-Presidents and Committee Chairs
    Richard Grenville Navigation, Shipping & Trade  
    Thomas Kimes Flood Control & Risk Management  
    Dong Quach Water, Power & Permitting  
    Matt Bond Legislative Policy  
    Glenda Johnson Communications  
    Richard "Deuce" Livers Membership  
    John Patrick Finance  


MOARC Association
PO Box 22647
Kansas City, MO 64113

MOARC promotes the beneficial use of water and land related resources for the Missouri and associated rivers in the areas of    
Agriculture, Environment, Flood Damage Reduction, Navigation, Recreation, Shipping and Ports, Power, Water Quality and Supply.   

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