2018 Civil Works Work Plan Released

13 Jun 2018 5:09 PM | Tom Poer (Administrator)

The 2018 Civil Works Work Plan was released on Monday, 11 June identifying the water resource projects and programs to be funded under the 2018 budget.  MOARC has been working with the Corps of Engineers (Corps) and the Congressional offices to ensure the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) understood the importance of regional flood control projects and the need to address future opportunities in water resource development.

The 2018 budget, passed by Congress and signed by the President on 23 March, is finally allocated to fund projects through 1 October 2018.  The Corps will now distribute funding to the Kansas City District for the projects MOARC and the regional partners and sponsors have been advocating to complete regional integrated flood protection.  Regional projects funded under the Work Plan include the following:

  • Swope Park construction - $14,482,000 in funds are provided for construction of Swope Park Industrial Area.  The $14.5 million will complete Swope Park Industrial Area construction to completion.  The projected schedule for completion is in 2021.
  • Manhattan Levees design - $1,120,000 in funds are provided to initiate the Preconstruction Engineering and Design (PED).  The Manhattan Levees project has been awaiting design funding since its authorization in 2016.  Additional PED funds will be required in the 2019 Civil Works budget.
  • Grand River Feasibility Study - $1,000,000 in funds are provided to continue the Feasibility Study.  The Feasibility Study is expected to be completed in 2020 and eligible for authorization in a future 2020 Water Resource Development Act (WRDA).
  • Kansas Citys Levees design funds – funding requests for design funds were not needed as Kansas City District was able to fund the design needs through unutilized program funds.
  • Missouri River Operations and Maintenance - $8,964,000 in funds are provided to continue operations of the Missouri River Bank Stabilization Project from Sioux City to the mouth.
  • Missouri River Recovery Program - $30,000,000 in funds are provided to continue efforts within the Integrated Science Program, funding of MRRIC, funding of the Yellowstone Intake project, and funding development of Interception Rearing Complex habitat for Pallid sturgeon and Emergent Sandbar Habitat for the Interior least tern and Piping plover.

With these regional program successes, there are priority projects that did not get funded in 2018.  Requested projects not funded in the Work Plan were the Upper Turkey Creek PED and the Kansas River Basin new start study.  Congress directed the Corps to fund six new start water resource projects in 2018 with MOARC and KCIC working with congress to have the Kansas River Basin as one of those new start projects.  We will continue to work with the Corps and Congress to ensure this new start is recognized along with continued design and construction funds for on-going 2019 projects in the congressional budget and Corps 2019 Work Plan.


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