2018 Civil Works Water Resource Budget

13 Apr 2018 10:46 AM | Glenda Johnson (Administrator)

With the 2018 budget bill signed by President Trump on 23 March, funding for water resource projects across the nation move from under the restrictions of the Continuing Resolution to a full budget for the remainder of fiscal year 2018.  The government has been operating on a series of continuing resolutions since October, and this agreement removes the uncertainty that arises from those short-term measures.  The 2018 budget provided the US Army Corps of Engineers civil works program funding of $6.8 billion, an increase of $789 million from the FY17 levels. 

The Corps of Engineers budget includes $2.089 billion for Construction of water resource projects, $3.630 billion in continued Operation and Maintenance, $123 million for studies under the Investigations account, and $200 million for the Regulatory program.  The budget provides opportunities to address funds needed to complete construction of on-going projects, continued operations and maintenance of reservoirs and the navigation system, and funding to complete on-going studies as well as start new water resource projects.  Budget language included directive language for the Corps of Engineers to initiate six new water resource studies in 2018.  A detailed work plan must be provided to the Congress within 60 days of enactment; 23 May 2018.  The Corps is currently working on the 2018 Work Plan to address projects to be funded. The budget represents opportunities for funding of Kansas and Missouri projects to improve flood risk management within our region.  MOARC presented the regional needs during the recent Spring DC Visit (5-8 March) to the congressional delegations, appropriations committee and the Corps of Engineers laying out priority needs for design funds supporting the final flood protection elements of the Kansas Citys Levees, construction funding for the completion of Swope Park Industrial Area, and Pre-construction, Engineering, and Design (PED) funds for Manhattan Levees and Upper Turkey Creek.  Additionally, the budget provides an opportunity to include a New Start project within our region from the six directed by Congress.  Potential new water resource projects within Kansas and Missouri presented by MOARC included the following:

*    Kansas River Basin Study

*    Lower Missouri River Basin Study

*    Little Blue River Watershed Study

*   Osage River Basin Study

The bill also continues the prohibition on the implementation of the final Principles and Requirements, directing the Corps to continue to use the 1983 Principles and Guidelines.



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